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Meraki is a Greek word meaning to do something with soul, creativity, love and put something of yourself into it.

I taught Freestyle Fitness Yoga for 14 years and have now developed my own brand of Yoga which is a fusion of traditional and contemporary yoga. Meraki Yoga targets strength, flexibility and core stability using yoga postures and deep stretches. You will improve your posture and balance, find your weak areas and learn to recognise where you hold your tension and stress. You will also learn to focus on the present moment and use your breath to gain stamina and de-stress.

Contrary to belief, you do not have to be bendy to do yoga! In fact, being inflexible is a bigger reason to do it!  

Classes are mixed and I am proud to say I have lots of “Men on Mats” now as they realise the benefits of class!

We use contemporary music and finish with relaxation. You always work at your own pace and will be given lots of options to enable you to do this.

See class timetable for details and contact me if you’re interested in joining my classes!



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