Key Stage 1 & 2

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Freestyle Fitness Kids

This class has so many benefits for children, especially approaching exam time as it can help reduce anxiety and school-related stress. FFY is a calm, yet challenging discipline incorporating yoga postures to improve strength, flexibility, balance and focus. It provides a powerful workout not only for athletic types to help with their specialised sport but also for less sporty types who don’t enjoy high impact sports activities. Ending with a relaxation section, it is very rewarding to see your pupils focused entirely on themselves, lying silent and calm. Something most of them never do while awake!

KS1- Funky Dance

From monsters to zombies, robots to rock stars, the children learn easy repetitive moves to a wide variety of music from classics to the latest pop songs and have great fun expressing themselves! They usually like to sing along as well!


KS2 – Funky/Street Dance

Different styles of dance adapted into an easy to follow routine to the latest pop or classic songs chosen by the children themselves. From classic Michael Jackson to rocking out to Queen to the latest chart songs, these classes are cool but strictly fun!