What people say….

A sample of feedback I regularly receive from my class members-
Poor posture, stiff, painful shoulders and bad balance were 3 good reasons to give Nicky’s 1-2-1 sessions a go.  However, I didn’t expect what came next……..which was: ENJOYMENT AND LAUGHTER
Nicky is fantastic to work with!!!!!  Always encouraging, easy to get along with; we always have a giggle during the session.  You will have endless fun with your new friend….THE YOGA BALL!!!  Nicky’s expertise and genuine enthusiasm helps to maintain motivation and interest in new yoga positions.


1-2-1 sessions have made me aware of weaknesses within my body, what was causing them and how to rectify them. 

Meditating at desks all day, My Husband and I knew we were not physically fit and it’s a concern as you grow older… Making the time fur yoga each week is something we look forward to, time for us, and we’re increasing our flexibility and fitness and listening to our bodies at the same time… Lots of other cardiac exercise is hard on your body. We feel fitter, happier and comfortable in a welcoming and supportive environment. Thank you!!! 

I have been amazed at the fast improvement in my body!! Regular mini workouts at home in addition to Nicky’s 1-2-1 session have changed my posture, balance, general body strength and flexibility!!!  These results make you feel great and motivate you to continue.

I have been attending yoga now for about 6 years. At the beginning,I never thought I would achieve the poise and balance that many in the class had, yet Nicky was always positive and gave people different levels of yoga that they could work at. Gradually, flexiblity and strength grew. I know when I am having an off day, as my balance isn’t as strong as it could be, or some of the poses are slightly more challenging, but the group as a whole is so suppotive and many of us have become great friends from it.
I look forward to my Monday night classes and have never looked back from the first contact I had with Nicky.

The physical changes have come as a pleasant surprise.  My bottom has lifted, my stomach flatter,  my waist and arms are more defined.  My confidence is at an all time high!!!!!!!! 

I have been going to yoga for 5 years and it had helped me so much. It is my therapy and at 41 i am more flexable than i have ever been . It helps me relax , sleep well has made my back problems go away and i have muscles in places that i couldnt achieve from other types of excercise. The class is fun and i have made so many lovely friends. 
Thank you Nicky for your fab classes.